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The Dos and Don’ts of G-Tube Care: A Helpful Guide


Children with medical problems that make it difficult for them to receive nutrition by mouth will often require a gastronomy tube or G-tube. This tube is inserted through the belly and brings nutrition directly to the stomach. A home health aide in Virginia or a nurse aide can help with daily care and maintenance. Likewise, here are tips for taking care of your child’s feeding tube:

  • Do keep the insertion site clean and dry. A provider of home healthcare in Virginia can help clean the gastronomy site with plain soap and water at least once a day. The site may need to be cleaned more often if there is drainage or formula oozing into the skin. This prevents skin irritation from moisture.
  • Do check the site for signs of infection. Skilled nursing services include checking the site for signs of infection. A nurse aide can inspect the area and report any unexplained redness, pain, swelling, or drainage from the feeding tube site.

To properly maintain the G-tube and avoid complications, there are also a few things to avoid. Here are some examples to keep in mind:

  • Do not put table foods in the tube as it’s not designed for them, even if they are pureed. Administering table food through the tube can cause it to become clogged.
  • Do not force anything through the tube if it becomes clogged. You can try to dislodge the clog by attaching a syringe with warm water and gently pushing the plunger.

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